About Utah’s Wasatch Airstream Club

Utah’s Wasatch Airstream Club is the local unit of the Airstream Club International (a.k.a. Wally Byam Caravan Club InternationaI) — 35 plus members strong and growing.  We are a fun, diverse and welcoming group who love to camp & recreate in our Airstreams.  Join us today, new and affiliate members are welcome!  You’ll be glad you did!

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For more information on our local Airstream club, please call: 801-850-7450 or email us at utahairstreamers@gmail.com

      Seriously… What’s New?

😉 January 2021 UWAC Club News has been posted — see Newsletter tab.  Special thanks to our Newsletter Editor Jeanne Lund.  Have ideas for our next edition?  If so, please submit any photos, articles or other items of interest to Jeanne.  😉

😉 Early ticket sales for the 2021 Sun Valley Jazz & Music Festival are underway by event organizers.  WBCCI Region 10 will be hosting a rally in conjunction with the festival, October 13-17, 2021.  Several UWAC members will be attending — see Registrations tab for additional information. 😉

😀 Advance booking of reservations for 2021 rallies in Moab (May) and North Rim/Jacob Lake (July/Aug) are now underway — see Registrations tab. Special thanks to our rally hosts, John and Bonnie Ruskauff (Moab) and Darrell and Linda Galloway (North Rim) for helping us get group accommodations in these very popular locations! 😀

😀  Hey UWAC… What do you call your trailer? 😀  We’ve heard some club members have nice names that “fit” their trailer like The Park Princess, and others just call it the Airstream or the trailer.  Some haven’t really thought about it but have some logical names like White Buffalo (door art) or Repair Queen (or hopefully not).  What do you call your trailer — either generic or formally named?  Please send your reply to our newsletter editor (Jeanne) at jeannel333@gmail.com.  Feel free to include a photo of your trailer as well. 

😀   Preliminary 2021 Rally Schedule is posted… see Rally Schedule tab for times, dates & places. We’re turning our thoughts to next year and are looking for additional suggestions along with hosts / co-hosts.  Some of the rallies are still tentative (arrangements and hosts not finalized) but show club intent — subject to updates / changes.  Hosting a rally is fun and even easier now that we have an Event Coordinator (Holly Jorgensen, 801-599-8275, ron.holly.jorgensen@gmail.com).  Any unit member can host or co-host, or make the rally a simple “no host” club get together! Check the Rally Schedule tab periodically for updates and details as the rally planning progresses. 😀

PHOTO:  Bryce Canyon Rally, UTAH (AUGUST 2020)

     PHOTO:  bryce canyon rally, UTAH (august 2020)